Bollywood Clans

There are several families and clans in Bollywood, which have grown over the years. Not all the stars belong to these Bollywood clans.

Bollywood Families or Clans

Various families are in the Bollywood industry from the start of Bollywood. Some Bollywood families have become very large, thanks to the inter-clan marriages.In the following paragraphs, different Bollywood families/clans are listed.

  1. The Kapoor family/clan No. 1
    The oldest Bollywood clan is the Kapoor family. Prithviraj Kapoor son of Dewan Basheswarnath Kapoor started working in Bollywood as early as1940. 30 members of Kapoor family have been associated with Bollywood, mostly is acting.
    Prithviraj Kapoor (son of Dewan Basheswar Nath Kapoor)
    • Raj Kapoor (son of Prithviraj Kapoor), Actor, Director, Producer
      • Randhir Kapoor (son of Raj)
      • Rishi Kapoor (son of Raj)
        • Neetu Singh (wife of Rishi)
      • Ranbir Kapoor (son of Rishi)
      • Riddhima Kapoor (daughter of Rishi)
      • Rajiv Kapoor (son of Raj)
      • Premnath (Raj's wife's brother)
      • Bina Rai (Premnath's wife)
      • Rajindernath (Raj's wife's brother)
      • Shammi Kapoor (son of Prithviraj Kapoor)
        • Geeta Bali (first wife of Shammi)
      • Shashi Kapoor (son of Prithviraj Kapoor)
        • Jennifer Kapoor (Kendal, wife of Shashi)
        • Karan Kapoor (son of Shashi)
        • Kunal Kapoor (son of Shashi)
        • Sanjana Kapoor (daughter of Shashi)
  2. The Kapoor family/clan No. 2
    The Surinder Kapoor family is also related to the Kapoor family. Prithiviraj Kapoor and Surinder Kapoor are cousins in relation.
    • Surinder Kapoor (father)
      • Boney Kapoor (son of Surinder)
      • Sridevi (Boney Kapoor's second wife)
      • Janhvi Kapoor (daughter of Boney )
    • Anil Kapoor (middle son of Surinder)
      • Sonam Kapoor (daughter of Anil)
      • Rhea Kapoor (daughter of Anil)
      • Harshavardhan Kapoor (son of Anil)
    • Sanjay Kapoor (youngest son of Surinder)
  3. The Kapoor family/clan No. 3
  4. Pankaj Kapoor
    • Supriya Pathak (wife of Pankaj)
    • Neelima Azeem (ex-wife of Pankaj)
    • Shahid Kapoor (son of Pankaj and Neelima)
    • Ishaan Kapoor (Shahid's step brother)
    • Ratna Pathak (Sister of Supriya)
    • Naseeruddin Shah (husband of Ratna)
    • Dina Pathak (mother of Supriya and Ratna)
  5. The Samarth-Mukherjee family/clan
    The Samarth-Mukherjee family/clan is in the Bollywood industry since 1940s. This clan is as old as the Kapoor clan. The Mukherjee family is connected to the Samarth family through the marriage of Tanuja with the son of Sashadhar Mukherjee.
    • Shobhana Samarth (daughter of Rattan Bai, mother of Tanuja, Nutan)
      • Nutan (daughter of Shobhana Samarth)
        • Mohnish Behl (son of Nutan)
        • Tanuja (daughter of Shobhana Samarth)
        • Shomu Mukherjee (husband of Tanuja, son of Sashadhar)
        • Tanisha (youngest daughter of Tanuja)
        • Kajol (eldest daughter of Tanuja)<
        • Ajay Devgan (husband of Kajol)
        • Veeru Devgan (father of Ajay Devgan)
      • Debashree Roy (aunt of Rani Mukerji)
      • Sashadhar Mukherjee (grandfather of Kajol and Tanisha, husband of Ashok Kumar's sister Sati Devi)
      • Ashok Kumar (Brother of Sati Devi, Shobha was Ashok Kumar's wife)
        • Preeti Ganguly ( Ashok Kumar's daughter)
        • Anuradha Patel (Ashok Kumar's grand daughter)
        • Deven Verma (Ashok Kumar's son-in-law)
      • Kishore Kumar (Brother of Sati Devi)
        • Madhubala (Kishore Kumar's 2nd wife)
        • Yogita Bali (Kishore Kumar's 3rd wife)<
        • Leena Chandavarkar(Kishore Kumar's 4th wife)
        • Amit Kumar (Kishore Kumar's son)
        • Anup Kumar (Brother of Sati Devi)
      • Subodh Mukherjee (brother of Sashadhar)
        • Joy Mukherjee (son of Sashadhar)
        • Deb Mukherjee (son of Sashadhar)
        • Rani Mukerji (daughter of Krishna Mukherjee)
  6. The Roshan family/clan
    • Rakesh Roshan (Son of Roshan)
      • Hrithik Roshan (son of Rakesh)
      • Suzanne Khan (Hrithik's wife & sanjay khan's daughter))
      • J. Om Prakash (father-in-law of Rakesh Roshan)
    • Rajesh Roshan (brother of Rakesh)

      The Roshan family is connected with the Khan family No. 1 through the marriage of Rakesh Roshan 's son, Hrithik Roshan with Sanjay Khan's daughter, Suzanne Khan.

  7. The Khan family/clan No. 1
    • Feroz Khan (Elder Khan)
      • Fardeen Khan (son of Feroz Khan)
      • Natasha Madhwani (wife of Fardeen Khan)
      • Mumtaz (Fardeen Khan's mother in law)
    • Sanjay Khan (Brother of Feroz Khan)
      • Zayed Khan (son of Sanjay Khan)
      • Malaika Parekh (wife of Zayed Khan)
    • Akbar Khan (brother of Feroz and Sanjay Khan)
  8. The Khan family/clan No. 2
    • Salim Khan
      • Helen (second wife of Salim)
      • Salman Khan (eldest son of Salim)
      • Arbaaz Khan (middle son of Salim)
      • Malaika Arora (wife of Arbaaz Khan)
      • Amrita Arora (sister of Malaika)
      • Sohail Khan (yongest son of Salim)
      • Seema Sajdeh (wife of Sohail Khan)
  9. The Bachchan family/clan
  10. The Deol family/clan
    • Dharmendra
      • Hema Malini (second wife of Dharmendra)
      • Sunny Deol (sonof Dharmendra)
      • Bobby Deol (son of Dharmendra)
      • Esha Deol (daughterof Dharmendra)
      • Ahana Deol (daughter of Dharmendra)
      • Abhay Deol (nephew of Dharmendra)
  11. The Rajesh Khanna family/clan
    • Rajesh Khanna
      • Dimple Kapadia (wife of Rajesh)
      • Twinkle Khanna (eldest daughter of Rajesh)
      • Akshay Kumar (husband of Twinkle)
      • Simple Kapadia (Sister of Dimple)
      • Rinkie Khanna (younger daughter of Rajesh)
    • The Dutt family/clan
  12. Sunil Dutt (husband of Nargis)
    • Nargis wife of Sunil Dutt)
    • Anwar Hussain (Nargis brother)
    • Sanjay Dutt (son of Sunil)
      • Richa Sharma (late wife of Sanjay)
      • Rhea Pillai (ex-wife of Sanjay Dutt)
    • Anju Dutt (daughter of Sunil)
    • Kumar Gaurav (husband of Anju)
    • Rajendra Kumar (father of Kumar Gaurav)
  13. The Mangeshkar family/clan
    • Hridayanath Mangeshkar
    • Lata Mangeshkar
      • Padmini Kolhapure(niece of Lata Mangeshkar)
      • Tejaswini Kolhapure (sister of Padmini)
      • Tutu Sharma (husband of Padmini)
      • Shakti Kapoor (brother in law of Padmini)
    • Asha Bhosle
    • R.D. Burman (second husband of Asha)
    • S.D. Burman (father of R.D. Burman)
    • Meena Mangeshkar
    • Usha Mangeshkar

It should be noted that not all the actors and actresses of today belong to one or the other clan. For example, Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Celina Jaitley, Priyanka Chopra, John Abhram, etc. do not belong to any of the Bollywood families or clans.

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