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Funny Videos For Kids on YouTube

What is a Funny Video?

What makes a video funny? Is the scene in the video really funny? It is funny if it provokes laughter. The funny video may be on a person, animal, place or unusual situation. A video on a joke may be funny.

What is a funny?

The meaning of funny is something causing amusement, especially enough to provoke laughter. It is unconventional, different than the ordinary in comical way. Funny is humorous.

It is funny if something unual or unexpected happens, like if a person falls while walking.

  1. Funny People: Some people look funny because of their clothes, face or appearance. The great comedians W. C. Fields and Jimmy Durante had big noses. Steven Wright has specific hair. Some people walk differently, like Charlie Chaplin. If you wear odd socks, pants or shoes, then it makes you funny.
  2. Funny Speech: Saying words in funny ways is funny. If you pronounce an alphabet in every word differently, it becomes funny. For example, if you speak "k" differntly in pickle, chiken, cake, cockroach. Actually these words are not funny but you make them funny becaue you say them differently.
  3. People Falling: It is funny if someone stumbles while walking. People often laugh when see somebody falling, even if he pets hurt.
  4. Unusual: Things which you don't see normally becomes funny. Unusual things are usually funny. If somebody is very tall or very short, then it is funny. Loud burps or farts make funny situation.
  5. Funny animals: Animals can also be funny. If an animal walks or talks like a human, it looks funny. It is funny if a dog or bear drives a cycle or a c`at speks like a human.
  6. Funny jokes

Funny Cat Videos

The following mpeg funny viedos are really very funny and free to watch from youtube.

  1. Really the funniest cat video
  2. Very funny cat video
  3. Funny cat
  4. Really funny cat
  5. Awesome cat
  6. Cat playing keyboard
  7. Cute kitty song video
  8. Talking cats
  9. Talking cat in sink
  10. Two talking cats watching laptop video
  11. Live Talking cats video
  12. Cat doing dog tricks video

Funny Dog Videos

  1. Skatgeboarding dog video
  2. Talking dog
  3. Funny dog video1
  4. Funny dog video2
  5. Funny sneezing dog
  6. Dog and duck playiing
  7. Sleep walking dog video
  8. Two puppies playing
  9. Dog tricks

Funny Animal Videos

  1. Funny animals and kids video
  2. Funny animals video1
  3. Funny animal video2
  4. Retarded running horse
  5. Very funny animal video

Funny Videos of People Falling

  1. Falling fat kids
  2. Fat lady on treadmill
  3. Falling people

Funny Baby Videos

  1. Funny baby video
  2. Funny laughing baby video
  3. Nonstop laughing baby video
  4. Two laughing babies
  5. Funny baby laugh
  6. Baby hiccups
  7. Funny babies in nappy dance video
  8. Babies skatiing video

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